NEW FOR THE 2010 SEASON . . . . . VANITY LICENSE PLATE & DRINK RECIPE UMBRELLAS!!! . . . . . Click Here For More Details


Judging Karen’s Creative Expressions! will be offering 2 NEW INTERACTIVE beach umbrellas.

Vanity License Plate Beach Umbrella

The Vanity License Plate Beach Umbrella will feature 85 vanity license plates.  You’ll be entertained for hours trying to decipher the message (?) in each license plate.

The 2010 season will be offering as a FREE BONUS with the purchase of any of the

Interactive Umbrellas includes NEW Umbrelleash®

PLUS…NOW with 3 removable canvas pockets to hold your valuables.

Drink Recipe Beach Umbrella

The Drink Recipe Beach Umbrella including Bar Glass Descriptions.  The Drink Recipe umbrella will include 45 recipe.   The Drink Recipe Umbrella will be available as a beach umbrella and a patio umbrella.